Macro Life and Micro Life Pt 2

Thank you for those prompts. I realised that as a little girl every time my mum used to be upset – I used to hide myself in a corner in my bedroom. I also relied on food to find comfort and love, when my parents were not around and craved for their love or hugs (I didn’t know this at that time but now I can see looking back). I also craved for the yummy dishes that I didn’t have access to and thoughts of craving my mothers’ home cooked food or access to the outside food. I can see how I my everything revolves around food. There is a little bit of a rebellion that I can afford and eat whatever I want now – so I will. I can see that’s my go to to celebrate, spend my money, buffer with and many other things. I can see this being a pattern of :

*Hiding from anything scary
*Not engaging with people when I am doubtful
*Relying on food for feeling connected, happy, or even when I am sad and anxious

What can I do with this knowledge to heal this further, please?

(Thank you for your guidance, this seems like a profound work for me)