MAD at myself!

I recently read a post here from a scholar talking about how she kept switching jobs and getting new training for different careers but never liked any of them. She was encouraged to delve deeper into the meaning or thoughts she gives her jobs. I immediately saw myself – I’ve constantly changed my business services thinking that the next one is what I’m really more passionate about and will fulfill me more and the result is often disappointment because I don’t feel,that way and I’m not making much money doing it. I’ve heard Brooke talk about people,who have a “jobby” and hear that and feel such shame because I have done the “jobby” thing.
I know that I have the potential and am confident in what I want to offer and I am so angry at myself for constantly getting stuck! I wonder what the hell is wrong with me and why I simply can’t move forward. I tell myself if only I could team up with others and work together then it would work. But I did that and that completely failed.
Lots of models but here is my main one:
C: business services
T: I’m mad at myself for not moving forward
F: desperate
A: tryout not to pick the “right” business service to offer, researching, listening to podcasts, surfing the internet for ideas, dappling in some and never moving forward
R: staying frustrated and feeling worthless, not having anything to show business wise.

Intentional model:
C: business service
T: I can’t wait to create one amazing offer
F: excited
A: research target market, find what they need, create marketing plan, promote!
R: Make money, reach my target market and help people in it!