Mad Skillz

OK… Mind Blown.
Yesterday at 4:00 pm I learned that my boss is moving on to be replaced by a new boss who has a completely different priority set and is frankly, a little scary to me. Over the last 3 years I went from hating my job to figuring out what part of it I do like and then just bringing everything I have to that part of the job and basically doing C work on the rest or delegating or frankly telling my boss… I’m not doing this … let me know if that matters to you. I now love my job and my boss has given me better ratings each year since I made this change.

So of course, hearing that I might have to modify my work got my amygdala going yesterday…

BUT THIS IS NEWS…. I started fretting over the change in the car on the way home and …. a new thought… that I’ve never had before came up — “I have 24 hours in a day, what this lady thinks was not on any of the items if I had 24 hours to live and in fact, being the best employee for my boss – any boss – isn’t on my list of what matters. I’m not giving this time to this issue.”

WHAT the WHAT? No fretting! No ruminating! No imaginary conversations with her. Done.

Even better, this morning… I said to myself… Ok what is important to me? Well, Once I get to goal weight, I’m going to work on starting a self publishing business. That’s what I’m hot for. And this lady knows a lot about metrics. I suck at metrics. I think I’ll see if she can teach me about them so I can us them for my business. And no, I’m not going to back to working 60 hours a week. I’m committed to no more 45 because I have SCS and I want to do that. So I don’t see how this change can be anything but good. I still rock me, and I still get to pick how I show up at work.

Before SCS – this would have been a month of drama and suffering… and buffering and gossip… and wasted time. Issue resolved in 17 hours, 16 minutes.

Brooke… I am so serious… This whole conversation with myself is a direct result of working every day on your assignments and all the learning that came from that. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this course. I’m in solid for the full ride Lady.