Made A Mistake

I made a mistake. And I’ve inconvenienced a lot of people involved. I feel like all mistakes are neutral, so I don’t see the point in explaining exactly what happened. However, in my mind it’s a big mistake. It was not intentional but could have been avoided if I had gotten specific dates right. I also chose to ignore multiple warning signs. I’m taking 100% ownership of it. It was completely my fault.

The issue I’m having is I’m so sad / afraid of the potential outcomes of this mistake. There’s a lot of different things that could happen and none of them are ideal. I realize that it’s my thoughts that are creating this sadness / fear. However, when I go to change them and think something different, I then feel guilty.

How can I be happy when I messed up the plan? How can I be at peace and carefree when others are mad due to my mistake? So I’ve just been in a state of fear, sadness, and guilt.