Made a decision within 24 hours!

Hey Brooke! Thanks for the coaching on the last call. I’m glad I worked up the courage to take the hot seat.

I decided on weight loss as my target and I’m committed to it for one year!! Once I made the decision I could see and speak to my ideal client. She’s smart, successful, knows what she wants and has it all EXCEPT… she is struggling with accountability and commitment to losing weight. She needs ME for accountability, honesty and support in making her goals reality. She needs me to help her take action in implementing knowledge and getting real about the BS her brain is feeding her so she can become confident, healthy and happy. (I can narrow it down more)

I set up an online 6 week program event page today that will begin May 17th.

I pondered about the first 6 week session being a $97 – $149 trial value to get more volume of clients in, then I decided otherwise. I’ve done the value packages before and ended up feeling unsatisfied, mediocre and undervalued for the amount of energy and work I put in. I know my coaching is worthy of more and that I always over deliver. Yet.. my main concern here is that I’m doing it all online in a new way for me and I’m not quiet sure how it will be received in value or if the higher price would discourage sign ups.

The past programs were done in person meeting at my location one night a week. I tend to feel that I need a trial run to feel out what needs to improve but I decided that was just leading to more stalling and I can trust the process so I am.

My questions are —– do you recommend building an online community by charging less to get more clients in?
As far as the cost, I chose $297 because this is what I would pay for what I am offering. I’m also giving a free private coach session for those who enroll early and a $100 discount to those clients who have coached with me in the past and are willing to give a testimonial.

Does the price matter that I believe in my value because I am confident in what I have to offer compared to they don’t really know that about me? I do have a warm market of clients in my community and my intent is to attract new online clients.