Made my first model- need help

Hi there, i made my first model. Need help tough.. with the second model where i want to change my thought. I only got to the model with my current thought:

T: scared i won’t goal and i have to break up with my boyfriend.
F: really anxious and sad
A: absent and little bit resentful towards him.
R: relationship is not going well. Also the thoughts bother me and i can’t be present and enjoy my relationship

I also did a thought download;
My boyfriend
Scared i have to end my relationship
I don’t want to
Big change
Scared i can’t change my thoughts and i would miss out on our great relationship
Scared that my reason to hold on to the relationship is not valid
And because when i think of ending my relationship i get anxious i take it as a sign to end the relationship.
We have something great here. But the bad thoughts come and go. And when they come they are mean!

-> i’m not scared to be alone or anything. I know i would “survive” it. But i just don’t seem to like the reason to break up. It makes me anxious.

Help here! How can i change these thoughts.