I Made It To ‘Urges Unanswered Day 1’…

I am the one buffering with online shopping instead of writing my book.
I created a protocol that says this:
Online shopping is allowed on Sundays for one hour ONLY.
I never shop when it’s my blocked time to write.
If I did not generate writing during the week, no shopping on Sunday.

So today I started my early morning with two hours of writing and indeed did not shop online.

I then went to an appointment and had half an hour to kill. I walked into the nearest clothing store and ‘found myself’ twenty minutes later, holding a shopping bag.
It was fascinating that only when I arrived home I realized I cannot check ‘Urges Unanswered Day 2’ because even though it wasn’t online and was not driven from the same dread of writing, I found my way unconsciously to a store and shopped.

My habit used to be shopping online in the morning when I need to write so I did not realize I need to cover old-school shopping situations when next time I am out in the world.
I smiled when I took those labels off of the clothes. I said to myself, ‘You are still a Watcher. You just fell asleep during your shift, love. On to the next day.’