The magical sheet of paper exercise

Today’s ask of us to get a piece of paper out and write the foods we think we can’t give up in one column and what’s better in our life in the other column was eye opening. While listening to you tell us about it I thought that there really would not be much of anything at all in the right hand column. But when I wasn’t paying attention my brain did me a solid and was able to grab hold of something for me and I started easily writing a list of people I enjoy and things to do that I would enjoy more than eating those foods or my chosen buffering method. But the thing is, even tho I have these things I rarely do them. How cool to have this list to look at and pull from when faced with an often overwhelming desire to not follow my protocol or to buffer. What a great exercise.

So far all I’ve done is start the list in both columns. I’m not clear tho on what you wanted us to do with each item on the list. Can you explain that again, please?thx