Main dilemma

Hello. I’m in my way. I listened to the podcast on sabotage and my blindspots are habits, overthinking to paralysis, perfectionism, procrastination and clutter/lack of organization. However, I am living my dream and my coaching business is thriving. I’m positive and see my future self.

When I focus on “next steps” I tend to research more than accept where I’m at. I watch others in this field claim to be experts and over-deliver, constantly churning out sales and free this or that, videos, sales, sales, sales. It feels like a hook into selling people this “self learning” and an endless loop where to retain coaching clients. Or be “one step ahead” and offer more. Then every dilemma is what my brain is telling me, so I need to create better thoughts or a mindset shift. What if there is no problem?

Yes, I believe the goods are there for us. There are clients looking for me to help them. They want what I have and my job is to make it easy to find me. I have hurdles with what I am calling my offerings, emails I don’t want to return, business avoidance, DBA, new bank account, separate old company services etc. So there is always a dilemma.

After drowning in advice to solutions, I asked someone what they thought was my main dilemma and was told “I think your dilemma is there is no dilemma” and it landed. Yes, I keep creating more stuff to fix. And I’m tired. But supposedly I’m already where I’m aiming to be but just can’t see it?

C Striving
T I’m already there.
F Drained. Sad. Searching. Afraid of being content. Unsettled. Misaligned. Scared.
A Constant loop to fix what isn’t broken
R Searching, hoping, active burning up energy without accomplishing my heartfelt goals (chasing someone else’s goal of 100k?), reinventing goals due to lack of clarity, staying unsure what my heart speaks, drifty and non-committal.