Maintenance protocol creation (NP)

Please confirm that I am on tracks and give me advice!

In October I was more than 200 pounds for 5’7 and I decided my goal weight was 143 pounds, which was less than I ever weighted in my adult life (I am 46). In July, at 143 I decided my new goal was 132 pounds. On September 1st I weighted 139 pounds and decided it was the right weight for me: I feel good and I have the clothes size I aimed for last October. So here is my new protocol and goal, please tell me if it s OK! I wish I could consume more infos from you on maintenance, but I know I know everything I need to figure it out.

Protocole: I add a little bit of protein to each of my meal, ie
morning : up to 2 tablespoon of cream in my tea and coffee
lunch after 11:30 : small plate of salad with dressing, and half an egg or a little bit of ham or fish
big plate of non starchy vegetables with oil and 4 oz of fish or meat
dinner before 8: big plate of salad or non starchy vegetables with dressing or oil, 3.5 oz of cheese

new goal:
Staying between 137 and 141 pounds until the end of 2018.

Protocol if I am over 141 pounds: fast 24 h from Friday after dinner till Saturday before dinner

What I want to do work on on top of that:
– revise protocole every two weeks in light of the results I am having, and to do some cycling
– Continue to food journal and daily weigh myself.
– find a way to not take the cream in the morning, as deciding to take it or not, and how much, is chatter in my brain, and not convenient when I am travelling.
– learn how to not finish my plate systematically. I will try to let a bite in my plate once a week, for example Monday at lunch
– be a thin person that doesn’t think a lot of food: I will let go of my favourite podcasts (Katrina, Corinne…) and find some new ones related to my work ; I will stop listening to the overeating calls and concentrate on the live coaching and the homework
– add some more working out