Maintenance Stories

After 4 months of SCS I have gotten to my goal weight and learned so much about myself. I am now working through the new stories I am telling myself about being at goal weight and maintenance.

C: Goal weight
T: I can eat off my protocol, gain weight, and get back to my goal weight
F: excited to eat off protocol
A: eat off protocol
R: cycle up and down, not show up for myself

C: At goal weight
T: I know how to get to goal weight, I am learning now to maintain my goal weight
F: Confident
A: Stay on protocol, plan ahead of time, make change only an every two week basis
R: No cycling/punishing. I live with my feelings. I devote energy to other things

Is it normal to feel so excited to eat off the protocol and always be weighing the pros and cons of cycling up and down? Are there better thoughts I can use to counteract the anticipation of the dopamine hit of eating off protocol now that I’m at goal?