Major Breakthrough

Hey Brooke,
Loved the 2/20/17 call, both coaching calls were so useful to me. I realized this is is my thought model
C- My life (kids should get into college, husband should be a certain way, business should be no trouble) etc. etc.
T- I can’t be happy unless all the C’s in my life work according to my plan.
F- Anxiety
A- Worry, control, boss around, analyze, consume self- help, internet.
R- Not happy

New Model
C- Life
T- I can be happy no matter what.
F- Happiness, confidence, relaxed, accepting, trust
A- Do the things I need to do
R- I am happy!
I want to make sure this is not a big mind fuck on my part. It just seems so simple, but am I just deluding myself?