Major exciting realization with overeating and an unintentional thought.

Hi Brooke!

This is not a question but I am just so excited to tell you that I finally had a major realization of why I really overeat at night and now that I know I can plan ahead for it. I put down thoughts originally that I was lonely or bored but I don’t think I really believed that was the total reason… it was actually way simpler. I realized that I thought I had to make sure I had enough to eat so I could make it all the way through to lunch time to stay on protocol. Although sometimes the latter reasons may be the case I remembered that when I was growing up we were always allotted a snack and drink before bed and we always looked forward to it and as kids would do… even drag out the process to avoid bed. I am just so excited because although I have realized other unrealized thoughts… this one was a major breakthrough for me! Also I can’t thank you enough for this program. I have only been in it 5 weeks but it has been so revealing and great to discover what is truly going on inside my head!
I’m going to keep working at this… I love it!! Amy