major setback and feeling behind in the work

So, last week, I had a major setback.
i was doing the positive thought downloads and daily homework questions. At this time I can only surmise that my brain freaked out over the new thoughts I was working at instilling and I was thrown into major anxiety, to the point of having a huge painful knot in my upper stomach, below my rib (which is where I usually feel my anxiety) and that caused feelings of depression and I shut down. I stood home from work for 4 days straight, not wanting to do anything, feel anything, think anything.

It’s taken me another week to get back to a place where I want to do the positive downloads and daily homework again. Over the last few days is when I came to the realization of what happened in my brain (at least what I *think* happened). So, here I am doing my thought download on day 22 and it feels like I’m all the way back at the beginning instead of being further along in the growth process. So, instead of moving forward, i’ve propelled myself back to the beginning of this work. How do I flip that switch?