Major struggle with giving up sugar and flour.

I go back and forth on this so much but in the end, I honestly have not been able to give up even one day without either sugar, flour or both. It’s like my mind is making excuses every day. I don’t have much weight to lose. Maybe 5 lbs. I workout regularly and I’m in great shape. Just not as lean as I once was. So I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a strong enough why? But I am also a life coach who specializes in wellness. I want to teach this method because I know it works and I know there are many who are insulin resistant and need this type of protocol in their life. But I feel like a fraud of a teacher if I can’t even do it myself. In the end, I don’t feel like my body will have a huge change, but I know my mind will if I can figure out how to manage these thoughts and show up for myself. I guess this is the work! Example thought model below.. I’m not sure I’ve done it correctly but I have trouble coming up with a different one that would serve me. I love this program so much!!! I am just disappointed in myself for not managing my mind better.

My thought model:
C: ate a piece of pizza for dinner
T: You aren’t insulin resistant so this isn’t a big deal. The reward won’t be that great if I don’t eat it, so why not?
F: disappointment. shame.
A: I ate pizza so now I may as well eat some Halloween candy too.
R: Still holding onto about 5 extra pounds I don’t need or want.