Major win!!

This was HUGE to me and I just had to share it….

The other night on the call, you said, “You are your first client.” That hit me like a ton of bricks. I am going to become a coach, but first…I have to take care of my first client….ME!!

Anyway, when we got off the call, I had a little conversation with my first client and started setting some ground rules and expectations. I mean literally talking to myself out loud. Thank God I live alone or I might have been admitted for psychiatric care. *giggle*

So, after I did that, I got this burst of hope….like REALLY feeling like I could do it. And, this just happened this morning…sitting on the toilet. Don’t judge me, I do my best thinking there. 🙂

I REEEEALLY wanted to go to McDonald’s and get a couple of fish sandwiches…..

Coach Me: “Ok, let’s do a model.”

C – McDonald’s has buy 1 get 1 free Filet O Fish
T – I’m hungry. That would be SOOO good. I’m going to go get two…..and maybe two for later.
F – At first, elated at all of the fluffy goodness of the freshly fried sandwich and creamy gooeyness of the tartar sauce with the cheese cascading over the steaming hot sides. *licking lips* Then, absolute guilt because I “shouldn’t have” done that.
A – Probably eat all four in one sitting.
R – Gaining weight instead of losing it.

Coach me:
“List 1 reason why you SHOULD go get it.”

“Hell, because it’s GOOD!!! And, I’ll be doing good because I won’t get the large Hi-C drink and large fry! I’ll JUST get the sandwiches.That’ll save some calories.” (made perfect sense to me at the time…lol)

After a good chuckle at how much I meant that, Coach Me said, “Now, give me 3 reason why you SHOULDN’T!”

After frowning up my face at the logic I was about to give, Me said,
“1. It’s not going to get me to my goal of losing weight doing that.
2. It’s actually going to make me do the opposite…and GAIN weight.
3. Because it was always in my binge meal of choice, it’s like an addict going to get just a “little bit” of cocaine and saying, “This won’t hurt anything….it’s just a little bit.”

I literally threw my hands up in the air and

Coach me:
“Well, since you put it like THAT, you HAVE to go them…..right?!”

“Don’t get cocky!”

I laughed at myself for like….3 minutes straight at the absurdity of it all.

Coach me:
“Give me your thought now.”

“I don’t even want it anymore.”

Coach Me:

“You can shut up now!”

Yep, I’m still laughing….

Coach Me:
“Give me something that you HONESTLY believe.”

“It’s true, I still do want it, but I can live without it. The more I think I want it, the more I WILL want it. But, I have perfectly good food in the fridge. I can keep that money in the bank and be a little richer today. I need to get off my butt and clean up anyway.”

Coach me:
“DING! DING! DING! We have a WINNER!!!”

After all of that, I got up and came straight here to tell how how major that was for me. The, “I need it or else I’ll die.” feeling is completely gone. Now, it’s more of a, “Yeah, I want it….but, meh!” *shrugs*

Who’s doing the happy dance. *points thumbs at self* THIS GIRL!!!!!!!

Go me!! Go me!!!!