Make a decision

Hi! I had a great coaching session and in the end we discussed that I can just decide, for example, to never worry again about my social media etc.
I did hear before Brooke deciding to never talk negatively to herself again. Could you please explain the process in a little bit more detail (or maybe there is a podcast episode about it?).
I understood the idea that for example if I decide to never worry about social media again then when I see statistics it does not matter to me because I still have my own back and I don’t make it mean anything. What about emotions though? Do we allow them anyway? But then if I have decided to never worry again and I do worry how am I honoring my decision? I just really want to know a little bit more about the process that Brooke used both nigh her negative talk and worries about business (I think she mentioned it during one of the courses). This possibility really fascinates me
Thanks a lot!