Make a Note

A lot is coming together today.
Husband, eating, I feel like I have the combination lock and I’m dialling the numbers.

I was annoyed at my belly.
For a long time.
And why it wasn’t a different shape.

And then today I realized how perfect it was because it has enabled me to learn so much more about Ayurveda, listen closely to the sensations and symptoms. And learn about myself.

I really like my belly. I have such thanks for it.

And with that very clear understanding of what it provides me I am super excited for what is now possible with the data/the insight I have from listening to my body.

How awesome is that?!?

Here is my comment/question. I didn’t specifically change my thought. It was more of an insight – a light bulb moment. Which I get is a new thought but I didn’t go about deliberately changing my thoughts.

The ahah happened and I went wirh it.

How much of this work is that sort of thought changing (sort of organic if I can call it that) vs deliberate thought change – as “I am going to choose a better feeling throught let’s go find one”

It seems like sometimes I’m not ready for that deliberate process. But when it happens organically the change feels so rooted and complete.

I’d love your thoughts on this.
Btw –
I’ve been at scholars for 8 months now.