Did I make correct decision?

I am often involved in large working groups/committees. In a current committee I became involved in, I had a concern about how our results were communicated to stakeholders. However, now that I have been involved with the group for a while, I have come to understand that there was discussion about this prior to my involvement and communication may not have been a concern and also not a priority in the results the committee needed to concentrate on.

I am working on not rushing to a decision and being impulsive. Because of this, I have wanted to stop becoming involved in committees because of the ‘hard work’. And working in Scholars, I realize that I do want to do the ‘hard work’ because this is where we grow. I often go to these meetings with the intention of listening more and not rushing to a decision or recommendation – I am not good at this and continuously am ‘cleaning up’ after a decision I have made. I go back and forth between ‘I am going to be quiet’ and ‘if I am involved in a committee, they deserve to hear my opinion’. Then I get very driven to ‘prove my point’ and rally support for my position. I want to be open to the input of others and make more sound decisions.

Here is my model.
C-I am involved in Committee
T- I made an error in judgment about an issue
F- Anxious
A – Buffering
R – Not getting work done for my other job. (my question is that my Result should always prove my thought?)

Intentional Model
C – I am on committee
T – I made a suggestion, approved by Chair of Committee
F – Confident about decision
A – Continue to be involved in committees, always growing and learning
R – Make positive contribution to many committees and future business ventures

C – I am on a committee
T – After more thought, I see that I may now be suggesting a different course of action
However, it was approved by Co-Chair and therefore a viable decision. There are no 100% decisions in these committees.
This was an important issue to me. I believe others also see it as an important issue
F – Confident about my decision
A – Continue to be involved, implement decision
R – Communication that will be going forward and there will be many stakeholders that benefit.

I think mostly right now, I am thinking that ‘This is hard’ and it is much easier to just not get involved. But then I am constantly buffering, reading books and thinking ‘what is purpose of my life’, because I am not involved in anything. Sheesh.