Making 5K in June … possible but not very likely

Hi there. Can you please have a look at my models:

C goal of making 5K in June
T I probably won’t achieve it in June
F doubtful
A hesitate, be indecisive, postpone certain action, ruminate reaching my goal
R not much progress

C goal of making 5K in June
T It’s possible to achieve it in June
F open
A go all in, make decisions and don’t look back, do not postpone but take action now, explore new possibilities
R progress (for sure in my mind)

I’m pretty sure I can make 5K per month. Just not now. Not in June.
I guess as long as I think this way, I won’t make it happen in June, right?
When I try to think “it’s possible …” my head automatically adds “but not very likely”.
Do you have any suggestions how to play with this to support my new believe?