Making a choice between dream and safety

It took me a year to decide on what I want to do in life. I am still working on believing that what I want is even possible. I am currently unemployed and challenged with making a choice on whether I should focus all my attention on my dream job and take massive action toward my goal with no other distractions or to find a job which pays the bills and do what I want on the side until it will start to bring money.
Second option feels safer but I am afraid that I will not have any energy for my side hassle. I am afraid to use day time job as a buffer. And frankly I don’t want to do it. But it doesn’t feel right to put all the financial burden on my partner while I am chasing a dream which might not even come true.
I should probably have a conversation with my partner about it. I am avoiding it because I suspect that he will not support me and I will feel disappointed in him and give up on my dream completely.