Making a decision for myself

Hi Coaches,
I don’t feel I have control over the decision I make for my life. My partner has a lot of opinions and makes it difficult for me when I don’t do what she expects of me.
I avoid the conflict by not telling her my plans. For example, I want to go on a trip with my daughters this summer. I have more vacation time then her and want to spend some time alone with my two daughters. I am all tied up in knots thinking about the conversation we may have. I know the sooner I let her know, the better I will feel but I really don’t want to fight with her.
C: Planning a trip with my daughters
T: A will freak out when I tell her about my plans
F: scared
A: avoid talking about it, plan behind her back
R: she freaks out because I didn’t tell her sooner

C: Planning a trip with my daughters
F: in control
A: talk to A about my plans
R: A is upset with my plans

I don’t know what my thoughts could be because what I fear the result may be. I am so worried about disturbing the peace in our relationship.
I would love to hear your insight