Making a Decision to Sign up for Life Coach Training

I was back and forth for a while on signing up for the coaching program. Originally, I gawked at the price and as I made my way through scholars in February and March, I started to believe I could take out a loan and pay for the school. But I felt like it had to happen RIGHT THEN and I acted in anxiety and was super let down when the extra coaching training filled up.

Later, as things have changed, I’m not feeling like signing up, but I received approval for $17200 ($800 less than teh cost of the program) from SBA for covid which I thought was “a sign” that this is what I need to do. But then i reading the loan stipulations, it sounded as if I would not be able to use it for this program.

So then I lost the thought of that being a sign. And now, the thought crossed my mind again when I hear other people getting excited about signing up and I have $3000 extra than I thought because I found out a loan I currently have for medical bills isn’t due for another year.

But I don’t feel motivated. So I tried to apply what Bev said to someone which was “If I were to give you $1,000,000 if you could complete this, would you do it?” I’m not applying that to “would you sign up?” of course I would because I’d just have to take the class and then still have $1,000,000 – $18k for the course. So instead I’m applying it to would you become a life coach? And I thought no…

But mainly because I wouldn’t be able to believe that I would get $1,000,000. I don’t know if I want to be a life coach yet.

I know three things.
I want to travel (so I need something remote)
I want to make a lot of money
I want to help people

Life coaching sounds like it could be one way of doing that, but I start wondering…
If I have to be present for calls, I will have to have amazing internet connection and some places I want to travel to won’t have that
If I have to be present for calls, I might have to work overnight in some parts of the world because if I have a schedule with a client and decide to go to the other side of the world, how will I be awake enough to coach?

I also have a limiting belief that I can only charge $150 an hour as a life coach which is a good start for the desires I have to work less than 10 hours a week and be supported traveling, but not what I want in the long run.

I think I am able to believe that coaching could be a good step towards what I want, but Im struggling to feel “all in.”

Separately from that, I also think that I may be using a circumstance to change my reality. Or rather that I think that taking the life coach school program is finally going to change my mindset, when I know that I have to be who changes my mindset. (which thinking that is overwhelming to me because I don’t think that I can even though I want to believe that I can. Working towards believing I can change my mindset feels like what I think it would feel like to be me defenseless vs. an army with weapons!)