Making changes to schedule when there is no blood

Hi… I calendared my week and did the best I could BUT who really knows when they will have time to go to the bank, dry cleaners and post office?

So I put it on the calendar for Friday Afternoon. Except last minute my 14-year-old son wanted his friends to come to our house and go biking. This meant I’d have to go and pick them all up with their bikes. Well sorry, I had cleaners, USPS and bank on my schedule!

So I asked my husband to leave his work to go get the kids. When he got home and saw I wasn’t there he kept calling me…WHERE ARE YOU????? I was embarrassed to say what I was doing… I had a desperate urge to go to the dry cleaners ????? While my son and 4 of his friends are in my house! I was determined to STICK to my calendar…..but I felt foolish! When you have young children things can change on a dime. I. D.o.n.t think I handled that situation very well….not beating myself up….just wondering how I could have handled it better? Can I put a bunch of errands in a reminder for the week and then do them as time permits or does this defeat the entire purpose? Thank u!!