Making decisions

We bought a new house recently and I want to decorate it in ethnic style. I’m currently visiting my home country and this is a perfect opportunity to shop for ethnic decor. But when I go out for shopping or when I shop online I can’t decide firmly what to buy. Some thoughts that I noticed were
1. I am not sure the several items that I’m buying would gel together
2. I am not good at interior decorating
3. I have previously hated my own choices and ended up wasting money
4. I don’t want to make bad purchases and waste money

I see that I have the pressure to buy the perfect items and use every single item I buy (best investment in terms of money)

In one of the podcasts assigned for this month, Brooke says – “If you want to know what you should do, do it, and then you’ll know”
If I buy the items and they don’t go well with the rest of the house, I would not display that in my house or display it in a non-prime location , thus it is money wasted. How do I apply Brooke’s teaching to this situation ?