Making Decisions – aha moment

Hi Brooke – first of all, I’m sorry you have been ill. I hope you’re on the mend and feeling 100% yourself again.

Secondly, I want to share that I think I finally got it.

I can see now the power of making a decision.

You’ve said this all along: make a decision, and stick with it. Don’t look back, regret, or be confused. Make a decision and go all in until you get your result.

The river of misery happens between that decision making moment and the end result moment.

The misery is greater, if we don’t stay focused on or stay solid with our decision.

A compelling reason, accountability, confidence and courage all help make that river of misery feel less strenuous.

So, really… we just have to make that decision if we want to grow, change or get a different result.

And then show up for that decision.

Could it be that simple?

Simple, not easy.

But somehow this aha is helping me see it more clearly.

Anything I’m missing?

Thank you for being an example of what’s possible! I’m so so glad I found you!