Making decisions on behalf of one’s children

I completely understand what you say about making decisions and just going with it, deciding it was the best decision and moving on. It has been very freeing in the way I make decisions for my own life and business.

However, I have two young children, and every once in a while I have to make a judgment call on something that is important, especially in the realm of health.

In one recent example, I had to decide if I wanted my 4yo son to get (minor) surgery for a (minor) health problem he has. My husband and I chose not to go ahead with it because of the possible risks associated with surgery, even though the probability was minute. So now my son is just going to have to live with the problem, which could have been fixed if we had gone the other direction.

I feel uncertain about this decision–will the problem get worse? will it be detrimental to his growth and learning?–and wonder if you have any specific insights on how do you deal with decision-making on behalf of someone not equipped to make that decision. I assume it would be the same with an elderly parent, disabled sibling, etc.

Thank you!