Making Do

I recently walked into a shop and there was a gorgeous purple shirt that I fell in love with. But. It was $329, discounted to $280. I could in no way justify making such an extravagant purchase no matter how much I loved it. Over the next few days I thought about the shirt, how it really was gorgeous, where I could wear it – I was trying to justify the purchase to myself. I came to realize that I want to buy expensive things.

C: Money
T: I want to buy expensive things
F: Indulgent, irresponsible
A: Make Do with what I’ve got
R: Want expensive but don’t buy anything expensive

I’ve also noticed the same thing coming up in another circumstance.

C: Living arrangements
T: It allows us to live for very little cost
F: Appreciative
A: Make Do
R: Live in a home that’s not my ideal one

My question is, I want expensive things but am ‘making do’ and therefore not achieving the results I want. Is this a money belief that I need to uncover or some other work I need to look at?