Making food efficient vs. wanting variety in food

I think I have conflicting beliefs around food. Maybe it’s possible to just decide which one I want to believe. Maybe the two don’t actually conflict and I’m just making it a problem. I asked myself “Why?” to both of these.

The first is I want my food systems to be efficient and streamlined, to create more space and time in my life to do and focus on other things.  Why? Because I’m tired of thinking about food. I’m spending too much time planning food, shopping, prepping, and cooking. If I had more time, I could do more rest, self coaching, and other hobbies I enjoy. I also would have much less brain chatter if my food systems were more simple.

The second is that I want more variety in my foods, to experiment with more foods and recipes.  Why? To see if there’s other vegetables I actually enjoy that I have never tried before in my life (I recently discovered that I LOVE quinoa and roasted red cabbage. Who knew?) I also think it is a good idea to get a variety of vegetables instead of just recycling all the same ones for nutrient/vitamin/general health sake. Sometimes eating all the exact same veggies in my salads for lunch and eating with dinner get boring and routine. (I’ve apparently made that into a problem.)

I find myself going through Pinterest looking at different ways to prepare vegetables in the hopes I find some new good recipe to prepare vegetables. I also like looking for foods that might be easier or more efficient to prepare moving forward that me and my boyfriend both enjoy, that require less labor and thinking on my part.  I enjoy experimenting with new ways to prepare my foods because I enjoy the freedom that constraint (my food protocol) provides.  I enjoy discovering new things I like.

I’m conflicted because the desire to make it simpler and easier conflicts with me researching and adding new recipes I want to try, thus making me “think more” about my food/more chatter and pressure of wanting more variety.

Would love some guidance on this and to have an outside perspective. Thanks coaches!