Making Friends

Dear Brooke, like you I recently moved house. We have moved to a rural area very far from family and old friends. I have thoughts that we need to get out and meet people, make friends, help our kids make friends, that a social network is very important, we need friends to spend holidays and celebrations with, it’s not good to be isolated etc etc. But making new friends is time-consuming. The reality is I would much rather spend my time building my business and on coaching and self-care. I was relieved to hear you mention socializing takes a lower priority on your calendar than your business and family. But I anticipate if I did this I’d never socialize at all! It occurred to me I could either (a) take massive action to find, say 3 new friends or (b) stop worrying about it entirely, focus on my priorities and accept we may not have friends for a while. I kerp reading about studies that say relationships are critical to wellbeing. I’d really value your thoughts. Thank you for your wisdom and all you share.