Making friends and being interesting


I have this question about how to apply the Model to the Friendship. I have a situation, where I worked for a very COOL person – older lady from a completely different, aspirational circle, and I really wanted to be friends with her, but we never became friends. One of my other, older, colleagues – he became somehow friends. Yes, they have lots of friends in common. Yes, they are similar age. But although I understand this, I don’t want to think that this means that I won’t be friends with that person ever and I will never belong to that social circle. The question is HOW can I?
My current Model is:
C: Cool aspirational boss, be-friended by a colleague, not me
T: I don’t belong to their world
F: feeling hurt
A: I skip from being friendly, texting and etc, to reminding myself that I found some of the people of that circle really boring.
I focus on how my social life is worse and less interesting. I don’t think of how to create my garden and become more interesting.
R: I belong nowhere?

I want to understand how to go from this to a place where I can create more social upgrade/ become maybe more interesting / find new people, maybe try again to become friends with this woman?