making mistakes

Hi Brooke,
I went for a job interview and left feeling like it went well. I sent a follow up thank you note. After I sent the note, I noted a typo. I’m now so embarrassed and ashamed. This error may cost me the job. I’ve been working on putting myself out there and going to job interviews and not hiding in the cave. However this job I really wanted, and this error is freaking me out. I can’t stop beating myself up. I know I should have done a better job proof reading the note before I pressed send.

How do you forgive yourself for really dumb, costly mistakes? When are mistakes just stupidity? I know my thoughts create my feelings but I feel like I deserve these negative thoughts and this mental beat up, because this was really dumb. Sometimes I just can’t stand myself.

C: Typo in thank you note
T: I suck
F: embarrassment and shame
A: beat myself up because I deserve it
R: more shame

C: Typo in Thank you note
T: This sometimes happens because i’m human ( but in my head i’m telling myself this happens to me and not to other humans because i’m the stupid human and humans judge humans for being stupid)
F: Trying to forgive myself – but I’m really disappointed in myself.
A: Thinking of ways not to let this happen again ( I don’t know what that would be -maybe a better brain?)
R: feeling a little better but not much

I’m being really honest here. I know I should coach myself better. If this was a friend I would have compassion and support. But I can’t find it for myself. All I can think about is if I could not make stupid mistakes my life would be way better. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t get out of my own way.

Any thoughts that you have would be greatly appreciated.