Making Mistakes

I need help around sentences to tell ourselves around making mistakes- for different kinds of mistakes.

1- mistakes where we give the wrong answer to someone (eg a coworker who finds out I made a mistake, or a group of colleagues at a public presentation where I answer the question incorrectly or inadequately- in competitive environments- )
2- serious mistakes like avoidable accidents, (for example if I were to run into a cyclist or pedestrian in my car because I was not looking)
3-serious mistakes that a doctor makes- a wrong diagnosis, chopping off the wrong leg
4-minor mistakes where we insist something is correct to a colleague and it turns out that was incorrect

seems like I get a serious shame spiral triggered for mistakes, and I am working on creating new stories around mistakes so I can feel better-
and I do like using the concept that things happen for me, not sure how to make sense of it
I also like the concept of B- work where a certain kind of mistakes are not so important, but not sure I want my doctor to do B- work