Making Model Mistakes and Unanswered Questions

Hi Brooke, I listened to Model Mistakes and realized that’s where I am right now: Majority of my thoughts are questions. I know you said we need to answer the questions and those answers become our “T”, but can you please help me come to said answers? I’ve been doing thought downloads for the past few months and am experiencing less negative thoughts (Thank you!), but an increase in questions. I know “I don’t know” is not an acceptable answer and I need to strike it from my vocabulary, but I can’t seem to generate any answers to my questions (And yes, I know confusion is not acceptable either).

Here are some of the questions I “think” I cannot answer:
– Why does it seems like everyone has found their person in life except for me?
– How come I feel so strongly about being with my life mate? Meaning, why is it such a priority to me to be with my life mate already? I am very comfortable being alone, but I want to love “them” already and start our life together.

I am a romantic and I know that I’m single because it’s meant to be this way, but I just want to understand why this is such a big focal point for me. It’s frustrating because I don’t understand it… I wish I could stop thinking about being with my life mate already, but the thought loops are strong, and I feel that if I understood it, I could stop it.

I’m totally living my life, excelling in my career, trying new things, spending time with family, friends, and myself, but I still myself going back to thinking about meeting my someone already.

I hope that makes sense. Thank you for your help! I really appreciate your insight.