Making (more) Money on a Salary

Hi Brooke, I’ve been doing the thought work around money. I totally believe it, especially when it comes to things such as being self employed or a life coach and being in control of my own money and money making abilities/time. I am stuck on my thoughts of, I am a school teacher and teachers are paid according to a salary pay scale. Besides getting more education (which I’ve done) and working more years, there’s nothing that can change the amount the school district will pay me each year, according to the pay scale. How do I see this differently? What am I missing? I want to know/believe I can add value to the work place (which I believe I very much do) but how do I see the value I add turn into money! 🙂 How does one change the amount of money they make each year when they are on a fix pay scale and merit, hard work and added value don’t play into that pay scale?