Making new friends as an adult

I have friends (best friends live out of state) but don’t seem to have a consistent place to meet new people in my area. I have never had a hard time meeting people but find it difficult right now with the pandemic. A few friends have recently moved away as well.

C – Need to expand my friends
T – I try something and meet people and then the group ends, or I lose interest
F – Lonely/Frustrated
A – I talk with my friends from out of state and plan to meet up with them but don’t meet people locally.
R – Continue to be frustrated and think it’s because of where I live and then want to move

I need a new thought but no energy to put into this. I have tried new things and met people/acquaintances but not friends. Frustrated. Should my new thought be “you make friends very easily” which I have believed in the past but for some reason, I find it difficult to believe right now? maybe a neutral thought? I am also not working in person and have left my job (adjusting to this as well). I have always been around people and it is usually where I have met most of my friends in the past.