I am making myself nuts over the homework!


I’m sure that my discomfort is a sign that this is exactly what I should work on. I’m a decades long fan of Stephen Covey’s and use a planning system. I totally get how great time management is. And… I am so on board with steps 1, 2, 3, 4 in the monthly assignment. I see how they will help me with my goal and how committing specifically to the steps and the times for those parts can build my trust in myself and get me going more consistently on my plans.

However, once I added in step 5 – All the other things – planning becomes a nightmare. Honoring my plans – I’m failing at everything else I feel. Here is what I mean:

– When I signed up for SCS I committed to doing this all in… I am doing all the homework. I told my boss that I’m going to be working normal hours (40 rather than 50) and I don’t expect my work to suffer. ( Since Feb 1, I have fallen behind. but I am insisting that I try to improve work habits to get to where I finish and keep up) – But I am leaving .5 to 1 hour later each day than I plan ( but still working WAY less)
– I am running in the morning with the dogs,
– I am doing all my homework
– My house is cleaner than ever before – doing 4 hours each weekend on it
– I’m hiking with my friends to get ready for walking across Scotland in early June
– I’m working on my novel every week but want to do it daily
-I’m losing weight like I’ve never done before EVER EVER EVER (my main goal)

OK – here’s the nuts part, when I put it on the calendar, I see that it’s impossible and I go right to buffering. If it’s not on there, I just do it.

C: Homework
T: Failing – actual vs plan never matches!!! Failing!!! Failing!!!
F. Sad/ Frustrated
A: Buffer
R: Fail
C: Homework
T: I am learning
F: Doubt
A -> New thought
T: Why is this so hard!!???
A: Try again
R: Post on Ask Brooke.