Making Offers: How to Make Progress?

Back in September this year, I got an intuitive “download” of a program I wanted to offer, and so I put together a group coaching program and put it out on the market right away, thinking “let’s try and see what happens.”.   I don’t have a list or anything, so I posted about it on my Linked In, Instagram and FB pages and I also posted it on 2 FB groups where my target audience is.

I had a lot of “congrats” messages, that what I was launching seemed amazing and attractive (from my friends and networks).

I had “only” about 7-8 people actually ask me to send them the brochure, but they all were very enthusiastic when they asked for it.

After they received it though: only 2 people signed up, including one who I gave a massive discount to (because she’s starting her biz and really had no access to funds, I am in Europe and there’s no “credit card” system here really. And they both are friends of mine – so they already know, like and trust me.

When I followed up with the others, here is what I got:
“it’s not the right timing for me yet, I’m only starting as a coach, I think it’ll be better suited for later”, or
“it’s a big decision in terms of investment so I have to think about it some more'”, or
“I just don’t have the money right now even though I really would have liked to join.”

The program was 1,5K for a 4months, so for me, it was actually a “beta-test pricing”! But I knew I didn’t yet have testimonials, so….

My question:
How do I make progress from this? I hesitate to keep this program and tweak it, and keep putting it out there —
But should I rather put my time and efforts into being known/liked/trusted?
How would you advise to do this in the most efficient way?

Many thanks in advance!