Making offers (Immense shame followup)

I just posted “Immense Shame” and this is expanding off of that.

A coaching client I had said words and raised her tone and had a red face during a conversation we were having. Those are the facts.

I am making it mean:
Selling during COVID-19 is insensitive.
Everyone wants you to shut up.
There may be a right way to sell but it’s a razor thin line.
Don’t sell you idiot – it isn’t safe.

That first thought feels WILDLY true. So many people online are sharing their despair and misery. And I had a client tell me I was being insensitive for “pushing” her. I feel that thought swell in my brain with all the evidence to back it up. Everyone just wants me to SHUT-UP.

I would love some coaching on this. I don’t even know what question to ask.