Making offers

Hello lovely Brooke!!

Thank you very much for your wisdom about my struggle with picking my niche. I did a lot of thought models on it and have decided to go ahead with it 🙂

I finished your episode on making offers and was struggling with the problem and solution part.

Your e.g was
Problem: overweight
Solution: lose weight by understanding overeating

It’s so specific, I love it!!

I’m having trouble condensing mine down into a beautiful sentence like yours as I’m helping people with anxiety with their mothers. I realize you could define the problem as a circumstance, thought, emotion, action or result so I struggle to choose which is best. I have these three and would love your opinion/advice on how to choose one and make it concrete:

Problem: conflict anxiety with mother (emotion)
Solution: overcome intense conflict anxiety by understanding overthinking

Problem: overly controlling mother (circumstance)
Solution: learn to communicate your needs assertively and set boundaries

Problem: stuck in fight or flight mode either running away from home or yelling and screaming (action)
Solution: overcome anxiety reactions by understanding thought management and relaxation techniques

I’d offer all three of these but don’t know which to choose for marketing reasons. I feel like I need to just research the way my ideal clients would word it? A lot of them may blame their feelings on their mother (I certainly did pre self-help). From your experience, would you say that’s most likely correct?