Making Peace with Uncertainty / Being Ok With Worst Case Scenario

I got some unfavorable health news today from my doctor. I’m feeling lots of emotions today including sadness, fear, and shame. Depending on some test results three months from now, I may not have further action steps or I may be faced with a treatment decision. What is the best way to navigate these three months with the highest quality thinking possible? I want my immune system to be as strong as possible, avoid unnecessary stress, and take good care of myself to stack the deck in my favor.

How can I make peace with the uncertainty of whether or not I will have a normal test result? I don’t want to have an anxiety filled 3 months or freak out when I get the results. Do I try to make peace with the worst case scenario? (And go down the rabbit hole of the multiple varied worst of worst worst case scenarios… I have been doing this today but not in a productive way.) I would like to get to a place of acceptance.

Thanks for your help.