Making Progress

I am new to Scholars and a little overwhelmed, but I’m making progress with changing my thinking. I’m working on 2 huge models – one that is keeping me stuck and the other giving me permission to move forward. Just wanted to share.

My model on bad days ….

C – I am 65 years old and have a negative net worth
T – I’m a loser and failure to let myself get in this financial position
F – Shame and anger
A – Over working, over eating and over drinking
R – Being angry all the time and pushing everyone away

Taking steps to view my situation from a place of abundance.

C – I have a business that grew by 20% this year and is grossing over 200K
T – I am proud of what I’ve built – all by myself!
F – Excitement and pride in my accomplishment
A – Staying focused on helping my customer base and offering them the best of me.
R – Not only keeping a roof over my head, but being a better version of me … for me!

I have a long way to go, but Brooke and SCS are giving me a new perspective. I feel the clock ticking and refuse to spend the rest of my days being miserable and a victim.