Making the effort

I have been working on procrastination for some time and have been making good progress but I have uncovered an underlying reluctance around effort. And I’ve noticed it in multiple areas – work, home, my appearance, exercise. And it’s not like I dont make any effort at all but I have noticed if there is perceived effort my brain is like nope – too hard. For example, I’ll avoid an errand so I dont have to make an effort with my appearance if I have to leave the house – though I make an effort anyway even when I work from home, I do hair and makeup.
If something requires my brain to concentrate or focus, it seems too hard. A messy kitchen seems like too much work when the reality is its very quick to clean up. I know this is my brain’s way of trying to keep me in the cave (I like my cave) but I’d like to get to a place where Nope too much effort is not my automatic reaction.