Making the most of the lockdown

The lockdown has just started in my country. I am wanting to see it as an opportunity to get ahead on my work and business, pursue health goals without the ‘distraction’ of socialising and to rest and read.

I want to make the ‘most of it’ but having T’s like:

You will waste this opportunity
You won’t achieve anything during the lockdown
(Guess how these T’s shows up in the model?!)

My brain is reminding me that I have never had a problem with the lack of time and space to do things (whereas lack of time is the complaint of other people), it’s following through on my commitments to myself and doing things in the moment, therefore the time and space (and boredom?) offered by the lockdown won’t make a difference to me and my desire to do things.

C: Govt order to stay at home
T: I want to make the most of this opportunity [but I won’t]
F frustrated
A: think of all the times I have ‘wasted’ time before, think of people doing productive things with this time, judge self for not being ‘better’,
R: Don’t make the most of the opportunity

I tried creating a IM from the A line but struggling with a T.

C Same
F Committed
A catch up on work projects and get ahead, work on my coaching business, contribute to online community

Can you help me see what I am missing here? And how I can reframe the lockdown?
How can I stop believing the T that I will waste it when my brain seems to love to hunt for evidence for this?

Thank you