Making thoughts believable and practicing new thoughts

I have two related questions.

First Question:
It seems like there are several possible “right” intentional models are. Based on what I pick, the results and my life could be significantly different. I find myself confused about which one to pick. For example, the below two intentional model options seem perfectly reasonable to me. How do I know which one to pick? Based on the January homework, I need to find a compelling reason for my goals, but I’m finding its difficult to do that since I can feel myself getting detached from the outcome using this exercise. Its like running a program in my mind where I can select the inputs, which give very different outputs.

My current thought model about my career:
C: I’ve been in my current job for three years
T: I don’t like the work I do, nor do I like what the future holds for me in this company
F: Frustrated, Stuck, Apathy
A: Not doing my best, not even able to start looking for a new job
R: Stuck in the job and stuck in career

Below is the first intentional model (what I have been wanting to have happen since I want to find a new job). But you say that changing the circumstances is the wrong approach because I’ll never learn to create my happiness in the current situation. So is looking for a new job or opportunity ever the right answer?

C: I’ve been in my current job for three years
T: I’ve learnt a lot, and its time to move on to my next opportunity using the skills I’ve built so far
F: Encouraged, Proactive
A: Look for a new job
R: Find a new job where I’m happy

Second intentional thought model (this one has me staying in the job):

C: I’ve been in my current job for three years
T: I can create a lot more value for this company and this world if I can give this my 100 percent. I will start receiving the rewards if I can focus on creating value and being open to receiving
F: Commitment, Focus, Love my work
A: Work harder
R: Create more value for company, (hopefully) get rewarded and be happy with this choice

Second question:
When I fill out the intentional thought models, I find myself listing thoughts that would be nice to have but I don’t believe them. I heard your podcast about the ladder of thoughts and about adding “I’m thinking the thought…” to help with the transition. But even though I can intellectually see that someone else may be able to believe those thoughts, I’m not able to get there yet. This makes the experience seem more of a hypothetical exercise rather than a real one for me.

For example, if I pick the second intentional thought models above, I don’t really believe that by creating more value that I will be able to make the amount of money I want to (my company will never pay that much).

Apologies for the really long note. But I’m looking forward to your advice.