Making "too much" money anxiety + scarcity feelings


First of all thank you for everything you do via this Q&A system! It’s so great πŸ™‚

My question is about money.
I’ve always had a difficult relationship with money (and I’m working on it). For a long time I had a hard time earning it (raised in the idea that rich people were bad people etc), and I was always in scarcity and lack. I’m finally starting to change my thoughts about it, and start making good money – but then, when I earn a lot of money on a contract or a month, I get scared to death, and thoughts like “it’s too much, I’m going to pay too many taxes, I shouldn’t be happy, there’s gonna be a problem and they’ll take it away from me, this is not possible”, or “who the hell do I think I am, there are people starving in the world, I don’t deserve this money”, etc. It’s exhausting…
I haven’t done the Study Vault Brooke program about money yet, I’m going to do it of course. But in the meantime, could you help me with this “making too much money” anxiety?
Thanks a lot!