Making Traction Now Feeling Kinda Stuck

Hi Brooke,

So I’ve been doing pretty well and making traction with the time homework, but recently got thrown off. Why? Because two people in my life (whom I love) needed support and it kind of threw my schedule off a little.

My sister who lives in Chicago came into town for a surprise visit and we spent most of Sunday together. We made fun memories, and I’m so grateful for that time. My best friend who released her first book on Amazon (Tuesday) was in launch mode, and I helped spread the word through my network. She hit the bestseller’s list and I’m super proud of her.

So I have zero issue with the changes I made to support, and encourage the people in my life. No regrets at all. It was an honor and joy to be able to show up.

However, now, I’m annoyed with myself (not them at all) that I can’t seem to get back on track. Part of me is like, “Melodee, chill, it was a couple days, not a big deal. Just start over/continue forward…” and other part is like, “Oh my gosh. Get it together… you’re losing steam and momentum!!!”


I can’t seem to get back to the mojo I had before the rearrangement of schedules for my sister and friend…

Could you help me get back to where I was? I know it has to do with my mindset on it. Also, what do you do (as it pertains to your schedule) when let’s say your mom comes for a surprise visit and/ your friend is doing something spectacular and you jump in and support…?