Making a weight loss goal time-specific

Dear Brooke
I have made my compelling goal to lose weight to 50kgs. That’s a total of 17kgs to lose.
I think you have said that it’s important to put a time frame on a goal to make it big, so as to get the negative and interfering thoughts to the surface. But I don’t know how to do that with my weight loss goal, because I honestly have no idea how long it takes to lose that kind of weight. I guess it might take 17 weeks, if I lose a kg a week……but what if that’s not happening on my eating plan? Should I cut back on calories to get the weight off according to my time frame? I have a slight feeling I might be being a bit disingenuous about this…..but I wanted to check what you think I ought to do re. the time frame for this particular goal. Ideally, I’d like to say: lose 17kgs in a month! But I think that isn’t sensible, even though it’s definitely “a big goal”!!

Thank you!!