Man Made time vs spiritual time

Not sure how to word this… When I heard you talk about the power of planning and making a plan and sticking to it… i.e. “I am recording this podcast at 10am this Tuesday”…I really liked that, it made sense to me, and I enthusiastically tried to implement it, down to the 1/2 hour…but what happened is it seemed to make my experience of time contract, the opposite of what you were talking about (this experience of having more time) along with a hyperawareness of (man-made) time. When I make a loose plan/ intention for the day/week/ month and let it flow, my experience of time is so much different, time is expanding, time is shifting. So my question is, do you experience both of these senses of time, and how do you plan/ commit to plans and also respond to what the present moment is flowing to you?