Management of PMS cravings

After being on protocol for a month now (no sugar, no flour, 17/7 fasting, 2 salads daily), I’ve learned a lot about my body and my monthly cycle. Weeks 1 and 2, I have very little appetite and no cravings. Week 3, I feel increased hunger. Week 4, the waves of hunger are very frequent and very strong, and lots of cravings.

I came up with new ideas to manage Week 4 by being very vigilant in mind management: allow the hunger, more TDLs and models for cravings, visualize overcoming cravings, drink more tea, renew commitment daily, do the tedious powerful worksheet for more planned joy eats.

I also read that certain foods may help manage hormones: pumpkin seeds, sunflower, sesame seeds, and GLA. Given your extensive knowledge, do you know of other foods that I can read up on for PMS cravings? Or should I solely focus on mind management?